I’m Marcie and I live in Albuquerque, New Mexico. A number of years ago, my daughter brought my two (at the time) Doberman a large deer antler. They loved them and chewed them constantly. When I told my friends about them, they wanted deer antlers for their dogs too. Because we wanted to ensure that our pups were getting the best quality antlers, we cut out the middle man and turned Deer Antlers into a family business. I’m in charge of picking out the perfect antler for the pups of all our wonderful customers. My Doberman Trinket is very seldom without her antler. When we go out for a ride or to train, the first thing she does when we come home is grab her antler. She also loves to show off her antler to company. Antlers truly are the perfect chew; they don't splinter or smell, so no problem having them in the house. Since Trinket doesn’t like to leave home without her antler, I also always take one when we travel. Trinket is a "showgirl," so we get around the country a lot. Trinket’s real name is Ch. Soquel's Last Souvenir ROM, CDX, TD, OXA, OXJ, CA. VCD2.

Nice to Meet You!

I'm Andrea, office manager of Deer Antlers and Camp Run a Pup! I'm also studying music in graduate school here in Chicago, Illinois. I've known Katybeth since I was two! This is a family business, and as far as I'm concerned, Katybeth is family! I'll answer any questions you may have and make sure that you get the very best antlers! I also make sure that your antlers get sent you to you speedy quick! I truly think these antlers are the best dogone chew! 

I'm Charlie, and I live with Marcie and Trinket in Albuquerque. My part of the business is making sure your antlers are wrapped up and shipped out to you. I’ll admit we aren’t Amazon, but I’m a one man show and I think I do a pretty good job of shipping your antlers speedy quick. As a consumer, I don’t like to pay extra for shipping, and I assume you don’t either, so I shop around for the fastest, least expensive way to ship your antlers.

I’m Katybeth, a professional pet spoiler. I live in Chicago, Illinois, with Rascal, a Jack Russell, Nash, my Viszla puppy, and Cole, my adult co-business owner and son. I own and run Camp-Run-A-Pup Bed and Biscuit Inn, and I take care of most of the online antler orders. Your e-mails come directly to me, and I personally reply, answering your questions, and invoice as requested. I also maintain our Facebook page, so please click over and visit us. If you have pictures of your pups chewing happily on antlers, please send them to me! I love to post pictures of happy chewers. I can also frequently be found on my blog, My Odd Family.